River Ridge Savannahs

Specializing in registered F3 generation Savannah to Savannah breeding. 

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River Ridge Savannahs

New kittens !!!!!!

River Ridge Savannahs, nestled in the Appalachain Mountains in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia, is a small, friendly, family-oriented cattery. Our kittens and cats are never caged, sleep with us, and are raised with little dogs and big dogs, other rescue cats, and our grandchildren! We are TICA registered and so are our babies, produced ONLY from Savannah to Savannah breeding.

Savannah kittens for special families....where the wild things are!


Recently, the  United States Department of Agriculture changed their  regulations to prevent the shipping of kittens by small, home-centered catteries. ONLY COMMERCIAL BREEDERS, usually the large catteries, are USDA licensed to ship kittens. In order to purchase kittens or cats from small catteries like River Ridge Savannahs, you must find a breeder near enough to pick up your Savannah in person or fly into an airport in person to pick up your kitten. We will deliver under certain circumstances.

We specialize in F3C Savannah kittens.



304-888-3108, ask for Josie

                                   for current pricing and availability or to obtain complete info. 

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River Ridge Savannahs is registered by The International Cat Association (TICA). Our cats will be friendly, microchipped, vaccinated, and healthy.

Our representatives attended the meeting of the Dangerous Animal Board recently where the Ohio list of Dangerous Animals was (for the most part) adapted for West Virginia. Savannah cats of all generations will remain legal to own and breed. We are thrilled by the common sense displayed by the committee and thank everyone for their input and contributions to Save Our Savannahs!!!

Recently, Servals were also removed from the list! Thank you, West Virginia.